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3 Cards to Midnight

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June 25, 2009
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3 Cards to Midnight
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System requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 1.0 GHz or faster Processor
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive: 222 MB

  • Quality tested and virus free
  • No ads, no adware, no spyware
  • Help Jess regain her lost memory by visiting various locations and finding out the real reason behind her lost memory. Do not worry the spiritual tarot car reader is there to help you out.

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    3 Cards to Midnight review

    We all had been waiting with bated breath for the first release from the stable of Big Fish games and why not? The best of the gaming industry had joined hands to produce some enthralling games and 3 Cards to Midnight. This is an adventure game developed in the form of hidden game but there is a big surprise in store for the gamers. Yes, the game is based on a very mature story line with a very unique way of finding the hidden objects.

    The story is based on a woman called Jess who is trying to find out things that are somewhere hidden in her mind. She is trying out the unique way of Tarot cards (no points for guessing that there is a Tarot card reader to help her out) to reach to the deeper parts of her brain. So, do not try to avoid the story or the scenes that appear in between the stages because you are sure to lose out on a lot of information. Now, it has been really a long time since we have had games that treaded the dark and hidden part of the magic world; the world that is still considered a taboo in our modern world. The story takes us through all the mysterious things and this renders an eerie feeling to every stage of the game. Now, that is what you call a mature story, which has the potential of not letting the gamer leave their seats!

    The story unveils with Jess slowly regaining the lost memory and also the events that had taken place in her life a few days back. The mysterious card reader picks up a card and Jesse tries to remember a location. There is a specific keyword associated with every location like fire, power and note. This is the time when you get in the unique hidden object game format. You are required to find out the items in a cluttered location but here you have to follow the 3 card theory. In this format you will have to find items relevant to the keyword that is associated with a location. For instance, you have to find for items like a notebook, quarter note that are relevant to a keyword “Note”.

    The penalty for random clicks or misses is really harsh but ups the challenge quotient in the game. If the number of misses gets beyond a limit, you will have to restart the level. There are ample hints in the game which keeps on increasing with the number of points you gain through your correct clicks. The hints are restricted to only the level you are playing and are not carried forward as we all are habituated with. The word recognition that we find during the puzzles is actually something that takes away much of the sheen from the game. Since you are penalized for the wrong clicks so one needs to be a little careful while clicking on the words.

    There are numerous mini games that one is sure to enjoy thoroughly. There are a total of 7 chapters in the game and the best part is that the stars that you earn in each stage can set the stage for the way you want to end the game.

    Conclusion: The storyline, graphics and music is descent. There are certain ups and downs but then beautiful things need to have some ugly marks! Well it was an out and out supernatural thriller that many gamers like me will certainly love to play.

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