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3 Days: Zoo Mystery

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June 8, 2009
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3 Days: Zoo Mystery
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3 Days: Zoo Mystery game screenshot3 Days: Zoo Mystery game screenshot3 Days: Zoo Mystery game screenshot3 Days: Zoo Mystery game screenshot3 Days: Zoo Mystery game screenshot3 Days: Zoo Mystery game screenshot
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System requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 800 Mhz or faster Processor
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive: 138 MB

  • Quality tested and virus free
  • No ads, no adware, no spyware
  • This game drops you at the middle of a room where you need to get all the clues right to solve the mystery. You are the investigator who will have to find the missing animals of the zoo.

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    3 Days: Zoo Mystery review

    3 Days: Zoo Mystery is an amazing game that revolves around the two keywords “Why” and “How”. Before I tell you anything about the game, I just want to raise my hat as a sign of applause for the great team behind the game. This game is all about why and how the zoo’s residents are missing. Everyone’s worried about this and it takes a lot of time before the zoo inspectors shows up. Remember you have a deadline to meet while you enjoy a full-fledged investigation for 3 days with police. This is one of the most amazing and thrilling aspects of the game and definitely not made for the sloth gamers.

    As a gamer you need to solve the mystery by visiting many different locations in and around the zoo, interrogate conduct the search to find out the animals. You are also allowed to break into some places where entry is restricted. In each of the locations there is a thrilling investigation in wait and you have to solve the mystery by joining the missing links. It will not be a problem to those who are habituated with the hidden games and will also not pose as a big challenge for the ones who are new to this game play. Earning each point is your goal and at every level you will have a list of items to find. Every item is part of a bigger item like the cuckoo clock or locating the LPs. Within 3 days of the game, you will be allowed with departures from conventions, like ability to manipulate the environment by moving things out of your way and a plasma gun that will teleport the large item to a different dimension. Individual scenes in the game are movable and this seems a bit funny to me. Like drawers that can be opened or lamps that can be pushed aside. You can also move lights to illuminate dark corners or manipulate an umbrella which will help to look while driving through rain.

    You will encounter the most interesting thing while halfway through the game where you will find a device to lift the heavier objects like sofas out of the way and others that tend to create obstructions in your investigation. 3 Days: Zoo Mystery is a simple game with high quality graphics and mechanics at play. You will get the feel like a detective at work while searching for the clues round around a room.

    Not only this, its more overwhelming when the hidden object segments share equal time with the host of mini games like an alarm system to work, fishing keys out of a piranha tank or dropping food and many more. Though these events are repeated in the game, but the fun factor remains intact. The most graceful elements of the game are the mini-games, freshness of hidden objects and the uncanny sense of humor.

    Conclusion: 3 days: Zoo Mystery game is a good challenge in front of the gamers who like to see through their jobs in time. The only small glitch that catches my eyes is the graphics that seem to rise and fall. Some settings are absolutely flawless but some do make things a little out of sync. Narrations are not perfectly presented and the story telling could have been better. Other than this the game is really interesting to play with new challenges in wait at every corner of the game.

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