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Alien Shots

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November 16, 2011
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Game Description

Search for the little cute aliens hidden among the stars in the sky, make their photos and win in this funny game!The amount of time for the search is not limited, however the faster you find all aliens the more points you will get. The number of aliens to be photographed is shown at the bottom panel of the screen. Once you find an alien and make a shot, the picture of this alien appears at the screen – and some of these photos are very funny.

Most aliens are quite easy to find! So enjoy searching for these funny and cute creatures in this amusing game!

Find the treasure hidden inside the mysterious castle! Check your observation and hidden object skills and prove you are the best treasure hunter!

-7 rating, 19 votes-7 rating, 19 votes Rating: -7

Be fast and observant - and find the objects hidden in Gibson house!

-5 rating, 5 votes-5 rating, 5 votes Rating: -5

Online demo for the full version game featuring a classic hidden objects gameplay and challenging mini-games. Search for stolen relics in beautiful locations like South American jungles, Moscow and Barcelona.

-1 rating, 33 votes-1 rating, 33 votes Rating: -1

Jessica Pandora, a young archaeologist, has been teleported to Isla Dorada and now needs your help to return home!

0 rating, 0 votes0 rating, 0 votes Rating: 0

Travel across America and search for exclusive hidden objects for your Little Shops. Enjoy attractive graphics, catchy music and over 80 levels across 16 cities. A great way to see the USA is to play this fun hidden objects game!

81 rating, 81 votes81 rating, 81 votes Rating: +81

Help James, the detective, uncover the mystery of the haunted hotel that had been purchased by Abraham Shadowy so that to attract guests who are interested in ghosts and other paranormal events. Now that the guest are actually disappearing, something should be done about it!

0 rating, 0 votes0 rating, 0 votes Rating: 0