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Amazing Heists: Dillinger

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August 6, 2009
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Amazing Heists: Dillinger
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OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 600 Mhz or faster Processor
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Drive: 162 MB

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    Amazing Heists: Dillinger review

    Amazing Heists: Dilinger is a perfect package of thriller, entertainment mingled with innovative graphics. The game is named after one of the most creative bank robbers in the history John Dilinger.He has been given many nicknames in the history books. He was known as “Modern Day Robin hood” as he used to distribute the robbed money among the distressed. Besides, he was also known as “The Jackrabbit” for his amazing and shrewd intelligence in escaping from the FBI’s hand.

    The storyline tells us the story that after spending eight and a half years in prison, he was released and decided to get back to his fellow robbers for the same profession. He did it and done many great robberies with them. This great robber at last got captured by the police for the betrayal of his girlfriend. He at last died in an alley after being shot twice in his body and once in his head.

    The game is all about the Dilinger’s last year of life and the story starts with Dilinger and his gang hidden at the Little Bohemia Lodge. There are various activities that the game will go through- case out the banks, rob the bank, and keep bank patrons from leaving the bank, crack the safe, and escape. Each member of the gang is gifted with a special expertise to the heist and you have to decide at the very beginning that whom you are going to choose as the vital one. Just take your mouse over the members of the gang and see what special quality they have to offer in the robbery. Then you will be taken to a hidden object screen for the objects that are listed in the left side of the screen and have randomly placed in the scene.

    There are also several bonus items that must be found to help you with the Mini-Games such as the vault search, wanted poster search, searching for the letters of Dillinger’s name, finding 5 keys on each level that will help you crack the safe, and finding cash in the hidden images as a cash bonus. There are 3 hints offered for each level and you can earn additional hints if you see any item colored green. If you don’t need any additional hint, finding it will give you cash bonus. To use a hint click on the hint button and a random item will highlight for you.

    The game is divided into seven bank robberies and multiple scenes at Little Bohemia Lodge and the Biograph Theater. The game can be played in Gangster Mode in which all segments of the game are timed, or Lightweight Mode which only uses timers for the Mini-Games and the search screens can be played at a relaxed pace.

    Clicking the screen multiple times in succession will result in a penalty of minus ten dollars. At the end of each location is a summary of all the money earned due to bonuses and Mini-Games.

    Conclusion: Above all, the game is a complete package of entertainment and fun. Especially the breaking of the bank lockers is very thrilling and interesting. The whole episode is full of intelligence. I think it’s an interesting game for all.

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