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Amazing Heists: Dillinger

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July 31, 2009
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Amazing Heists: Dillinger
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Amazing Heists: Dillinger game screenshotAmazing Heists: Dillinger game screenshotAmazing Heists: Dillinger game screenshotAmazing Heists: Dillinger game screenshot
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System requirements:

CPU: P600
Memory: 512 MB
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista

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  • Rob the banks and let the police come after you! You have nothing to fear when you know that breaking vaults like cutting through butter!

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    Amazing Heists: Dillinger review

    Have you ever been rewarded for committing a crime or can there ever be a game that is built on this theme? Well, crime is no more a taboo in the Hidden object gaming arena and this for sure is going to give rise to a series of dark games (I hope I have the liberty to call these games ‘dark’). We all have heard about the famous bank robber named John Dillinger who dwelled in America during the period of Depression. The game Amazing Heists – Dillinger is all about John and his gang going on a looting spree while you are their vigilant eyes. The police are out to nab them and if John or any of the gang members get caught then there is no other place in the world to call their home than the jail.

    The Amazing Heists comprises of the levels where you are required to assist Dillinger and the other gang members in robbing different banks. There is a straight path that is followed in each level i.e. Casing the Joint, Blocking the Egress, the actual Robbery and Breaking the Bank. The parts Casing the Joint and The Robbery are two classic hidden object gameplay and while the rest are mini-games i.e. Blocking the Egress, Breaking her Bank.

    In various scenes (bank locations) you will have to find out the hidden objects that are concealed in the bank locations. All the objects that you have to find in a scene are described in a funny manner and none of the descriptions seem to be straight to the point. For instance, when you are required to find out the ‘duck’ then it is described as “sitting”. Now, there is also the facility of availing the hints and you can’t find the mentioned object. Word of Caution: Use the Hints prudently as there are mo chances of earning hints at any point of the game.

    Time for some goodies offered by the game: You would love to find out the hidden objects that are not necessary for the progress in levels but believe these are really fun to find out. For instance you could have to search for the Dillinger coins, vault icons, seven wanted posters. Finding out these objects give you bonus points but if you are able to find the bank icons then you will be able to add ten seconds to your total game play and this gives you more time to open the vaults.

    The mini games for Breaking the Bank and Block the Egress play the real spoilers as they are not only boring but would also force you exit the gaming screen. The mini games are no only uninteresting but also tempts a player to lose inters in the game. You do not get the chance to skip these and this is really frustrating.

    Conclusion: The game had everything in terms of an innovative theme, good graphics, sound and even the HOG gameplay. Only if the developers had worked a little on the mini-games, it would have been a winner all the way. Despite all the odds, the game has an inexplicable charm that would keep you stuck to your seat. This is a game that can be tried once at my risk and twice only if you want to risk your brains!

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