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Bolly Light

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April 7, 2011
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Game Description

Determine which of the coloures Bolly is the most common one using your flashlight. Your speed and attention – these two traits really matter!In this game your task is to select which Bolly (a little pretty coloured bird) is the most common – meaning which colour is most common on each level. For that, you will need to use a flashlight – light the scene and count Bolly within the given time limit and right click on the most common Bolly in the row of three Bolly to the right.

You are given 3 lives in this game which you cannot restore. Each wrong click takes off one life from you. Once you lose all your three lives, the game is over!

There are no hints. The game is played with a mouse or a touchpad. All in all, it’s nice, and the colourful Bolly are funny and cute. Enjoy!

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