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Book of Legends

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July 6, 2009
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Book of Legends
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Book of Legends game screenshotBook of Legends game screenshotBook of Legends game screenshotBook of Legends game screenshot
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System requirements:

OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows Vista
Memory: 128 MB
CPU: P800

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  • Search for the Excalibur and see if you have the brain and the zeal to stand against all odds during the quest! Expect trouble on your way!

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    Book of Legends review

    The Book of Legends belongs to the league of hidden object games that have tasted success in the past and this game also takes you across the globe to solve a mystery. There are certain special and unique twists to jazz up the things but on the whole the game failed to create an impression that it had promised when I bought it.

    The storyline of the game is that Charleston gets a book from the library, which he finds to be the Book of Legends. He further finds out that the book holds the key to finding the legendary sword Excalibur that belonged to King Arthur. After knowing this he prods his sister Zoe to accompany him on his quest for the sword. Thus begins the journey of two siblings across the globe while looking for the clues in the book. This is where comes the twist in tale – they are being followed in their journey by three mysterious masked men!

    You are obviously going to decipher the clues from the book and help the siblings in finding out the legendary sword. The game play is a good mix of finding hidden object and solving inventory based puzzles. Well the game play is quite easy for most of the veterans and finding the hidden objects would hardly pose as a problem. For instance, in one scene you will have to refuel a boat that stops because of an empty tank. One can easily find the canisters in the scene click on the refuel button then see the boat moving in the direction you are to go.

    Well the adventure is flagged off at the historical Washington D.C. and you will need to pay a visit to the some of the famous buildings like the Capitol Building and Lincoln Memorial. You will have to visit other locations in Asia and Europe. Now, traveling doesn’t come for free and you have to work for some clients to get paid. With this money you have to buy yourself tickets to the various parts of the world. The work that you have to do for the clients follows the classic hidden objects gameplay.

    The two siblings are opposite in character and you would soon find out that Charlie is very enthusiastic about the quest whereas Zoe is very reluctant. The conversation between the siblings can be really irritating as Zoe just repeats the obvious or the things that we already see happening on the screen (I don’t know why at all she was taken in the journey. Probably to eat our heads off!). At times there are places where the sibling’s narrations are your only clue to solve the puzzles.

    Conclusion: The biggest advantage that the game offers to its players is that they are not penalized for the random clicks. The hints system could have made a lot simpler (following the grid system is just ridiculous as hints were supposed to be hints and not riddles). All in all this a game that could not satisfy me as well as the gamers who have tested better games in this genre.

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