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Christmas Lights Online

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December 24, 2010
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Game Description

Spot the difference on the cute Christmas decorations!  Fifteen scenes full of lights and glimmer will bring you both the spirit of holiday and the joy of playing this game!

Spotting the difference on Christmas decorations is fun because they look just too cute (all those raindeers, Santas and funny figures resembling Smurfs), however glimmering and shimmering might distract you and be a bit of a challenge. Every found difference adds you points, and for clicking at a wrong place you are going to lose 5 points. Hints are available in the form of either shaking the area the difference is in, or blatantly revealing this difference. Using a hint does not score you any points (quite obvious, isn’t it?), moreover after a hint function is used, it takes some time to restore it before you can use it again.

Graphics is a bit ‘smudged’, as for me, however the cuteness of the figures makes it up for those who like spot the difference games. Easy to play, it might be quite an engaging task for you if you are really bored and got nothing more to do. Although I would personally prefer to do my Christmas shopping. :-)

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