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Clean Janice’s Room

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August 25, 2011
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Game Description

Help Janice clean her room – and find all necessary hidden objects within a very short time limit!
In this game you should search for the items scattered all over the room, and the objects that you need to find are located at the bottom panel of the game field in the form of daerk shapes. Once you find an object and click on it, the corresponding shape becomes a full-coloured picture of this object. You can also see how much time you have left. Once the time is over, your game is over. You get points for each found object, so at the end of the game you are going to be offered to submit your score so that to compare it to the scores of other player.

The game has no hints.

This game is nice if you like pure hidden object games, with no plot, mini-games or additional puzzles.

Check out your observation skills and sharpness of sight and find the hidden alphabets on the picture of an office!

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