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Cool Collections

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March 24, 2011
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Game Description

Can you see what I see? Check your observation skills and sharpness of sight and find all objects craftily hidden in the mess!Cool Collections is a pure hidden object game – do your best to find the objects and items hidden in a mess made of the collection of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ cards, dominoes, toys and similar stuff. With lots of pictures and tiny details, the game requires a sharp sight and good observation skills! You may use a magnifying glass for careful exploration of the scene – without it you can hardly see anything. So just click on the ‘Zoom in’ option and continue exploring the location this way moving your curson, or if you need you may always zoom out.

The list of the items is shown to the right from the picture in black font, and once you locate an item its name becomes red so that you can easily trace what is left to find.

There are no points to score in this game – all you need to do is merely clicking on the objects that need to be found. There are also no penalties for mistakes or random clicking. And also there are no hints.

If you enjoy simple hidden object games where you do not have to worry about points, and with no plot so that nothing gets you distracted from the search – try playing Cool Collections!

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