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August 21, 2009
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Game Description

Search the animated well-drawn scenes for 5 differences each. Watch the animations very carefully – some differences are seen only at animations!

Instructions: At each scene you’re shown 2 similiar animated images and have to spot 5 differences and click on each of them. Once all 5 differences are revealed, you will proceed to the next scene. There is a timer on each scene – so you have to finish it within the time limit. Each incorrect click penalizes you by decreasing the time left. You have one hint, which reveal you the location of one difference, and one time bonus – clicking it will add some time to your level timer.

The game is quite fun to play, the scenes are awesome, and all of them are animated! Not just that, but the differences are often found in the animations. For example, the windows open and close at one scene, and there is a person standing in one window when it opens (while there is nobody at the other picture).

The boys have broken the window of a Hawnting's manor with their baseball, and you are sent to get the ball back!

-2 rating, 18 votes-2 rating, 18 votes Rating: -2

A mysterious letter written by an anonymous R. in 1963 arises hundreds of questions in your head... Explore the rooms and uncover the secrets that haunt this sinister mansion!

15 rating, 25 votes15 rating, 25 votes Rating: +15

Spot 7 differences at every picture within the time limit and win this simple game!

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The Edgar Allan Poe Conspiracy will definitely be a hit among “HOGs”, but others should not miss out on this one. This unique game will take you into a world that is truly mesmerizing and magical.

82 rating, 103 votes82 rating, 103 votes Rating: +82

Peeking Town`s got Election Day fever! Join world-renowned mystery writer Miss Terri Tale as she“polls” her neighbors in true Peeking Town fashion. Snoop around town gathering information on everyone`s voting habits in this all-American Hidden Object Game. Who will be the town`s next mayor? Buy Miss Teri Tale: Vote 4 ...

-25 rating, 29 votes-25 rating, 29 votes Rating: -25

Search clues, collect evidence and solve unique puzzles to help Nick Chase uncover the mystery of Leonardo Di Vinci's missing manuscript. Great hand drawn graphics and engaging storyline will keep you searching hidden objects till the end!

100 rating, 108 votes100 rating, 108 votes Rating: +100