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Detective Agency

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April 30, 2009
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Detective Agency
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Detective Agency game screenshotDetective Agency game screenshot
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System requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 800 Mhz or faster Processor
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive: 37 MB

  • Quality tested and virus free
  • No ads, no adware, no spyware
  • Detective James will find out who are behind the thefts that has rocked the city! If you think that you can be of any help then play the game and find the miscreants!

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    Detective Agency review

    James is a private detective and one day he receives a call form one of his aides called Bill. Bill works at the “Editorial” and he provides him with a lead on a theft that had occurred recently. James decides to take the case and solve it with his investigating acumen. Yes, this is what the theme of the game should be and is to pay respect to our expectations. “Detective Agency” is another run of the mill hidden object game from the kitty of the developers who tried to make a game, but ended up making a rubber band that only extends to snap in the end (I do not wish to comment on the shabby use of English).

    The story of the game is just apt for any hidden object game where, you need to find clues for the case at various cluttered locations. It was fine till this, but when you need to find the tools that James will take on his investigation and you see that they are nothing but a crown, a butterfly and two globes, then it is very hard put a stop to one’s frustration.

    In the whole game you are required to visit numerous locations to find out hidden objects. You will not be able to find things until you perform some tasks for the people who are present in the location. Even after you have fixed a pearl necklace or a radio you will have to bear with the irritating comment from the concerned people that they will be of no help to you and you need to search at some other location.

    There is no time limit for completing the levels and you can take your own sweet time to complete the stages. The only penalty for random clicking is that your cursor freezes for a few seconds. The hints appear in the form of magnifying glasses which appear on the screen. You can use them to find an object but the problem is that you need to click on the screen randomly and when you are near to a particular object, the magnifying glass stars to beep insanely. The beeps are very irritating and a real patience tester.

    The graphics cannot be called amazing, but is just fine and you will not find it very bad to revisit one location. The mini games are good but not very interesting and they can be skipped if you want to. Actually, the mini games sometimes require a lot of technical knowledge.

    Content: The two types of searches that you have to do are: From the list and from the Silhouette. It is very easy to solve the silhouette puzzles because in the list the items are labeled wrongly. Detective Agency required a lot of polish before being released in the market. The only thing it does is take a step back for the hidden games genre. It is a game that is very hard to stand even a fee trial! All in all a disappointing work by the developers.

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