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DinerTown: Detective Agency

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August 2, 2009
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DinerTown: Detective Agency
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OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 1.2 GHz or faster Processor
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive: 63 MB

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  • Diner Town: Detective Agency is fun, engaging and stimulating experience. Its one fun-trip that you surely would not want to miss! Go for it!

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    DinerTown: Detective Agency review

    Diner Town Detective Agency is a popular game centering on the people of Diner Town. This game is also refreshing because this is for the very first time that Play First is breaking away from the traditional time management games and exploring a new genre. This rather sweet and fun game stars Bernie the Bookworm. Owning a magazine newsstand, he nurtures dreams of becoming a private investigator- more precisely a detective. As luck would have it, he gets his P.I kit through a magazine ad, which fuels his dream even further. Along with Flo, his trusted aide, the duo scavenges the whole of Diner Town, trying to solve mysteries.

    The game essentially begins as a hidden object game, and has 2 types of mechanics spread in its entirety. It begins as a run-of-the-mill hidden object where you have listed objects as clues, and you have to locate all of them to move on to the next level. However, the second level gets more interesting where you need to collect fragments of broken items and you need to use the repaired items to interact with the actual scene. There are certain clues that Bernie gets through the course of the game like Bernie’s head popping from the bottom giving you clues to move ahead.

    Once you enter a scene, you are entitled to get one P. I badge, that either grants you bonus time or points, depending if you are playing timed or relaxed mode respectively. In each scene, you have to do the basic groundwork like looking for minute clues or using tools to dust for fingerprints. Another highlight of the game is that at a certain stage you’re allowed to play mini-games and hover around from one room to the other.

    The first part of Diner Town Detective Agency is Hidden object. In the second part, Bernie’s detective skills are utilized to the hilt to hone in on the suspects. It is here that you get to play an IQ game, a jigsaw puzzle. Afterwards, you’re on the last part of your detective skills activities. In the last phase of the game, higher level of reasoning is used to nail the suspect. Various tools are at your disposal like the use of a checklist, and asking friends whom they think are guilty. However, one has to be careful and must read the terms and regulations carefully, or else you might end up losing valuable points.

    Once you’re into Levels 5, you will get a rank depending on how well you have approached and played the game. It would be of help if you don’t use hints and play pretty fast. By reducing mistakes, you can increase your points tally. This just adds to the feel-good feature of this game and adds to its inherent replay value.

    Conclusion: The game is a pleasant experience and is a winner because of its neat packaging and unique presentation. The famous Dash game stars are incorporated beautifully – as innocent or in a wacky manner. Mini-games are another add-on feature of this game and playing them is totally fun. Overall playing Diner Town is a fabulous experience.

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