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Elementals: The Magic Key Online

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January 27, 2011
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Game Description

Fascinating gameplay, excellent graphics and lots of amazing mini-games will get you enchanted by this mysterious adventure. Help Albert rescue his sister Lily from a dark magician!

Elementals: The Magic Key Online is a beautifully designed and very engaging quest about a fairytale kingdom of Eiron where a dark magician Sibelius has stolen a magician Lily, the sister of Albert. The loving brother rushes to search for his beloved sister.

Once you start playing the game, carefully explore the place of the crime and find the pieces of evidence necessary for the search. Then restore the magical teleport which will enable you travel to the most remote corners of the country. During your travel you will meet lots of new friends, fight lots of enemies, play a unique game that resembles chess – but instead of traditional chess figures the fighting parties are two armies of Elementals. You will also be guided and assisted by a cute creature Folly, who will always be able to tell you about the way out of any hardship.

Complete lots of interesting levels, dozens of mini-games, puzzles and logical tasks! Each level you pass makes you closer to the victory. In case you find some task too hard, you can always skip it and go on further to meet the new adventures.

Thanks to the combination of logical games, the search for hidden objects and quest, Elementals: The Magic Key Online will be interesting for pretty much every gamer. It might be a funny and developing occupation for a child, but no less will it be interesting for the grown-ups. The game develops logical thinking and fast reaction. So… you are welcome to play this engaging game!

If you like this game you may download the full version of Elementals: The Magic Key here.

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