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Elizabeth Find MD: Diagnosis Mystery

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February 14, 2009
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Elizabeth Find MD: Diagnosis Mystery
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OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 1.0 GHz or faster Processor
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive: 110 MB

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  • Help doctor Elizabeth find clues and causes to set the correct diagnosis in this unique blend of hidden objects and mini games in the medical theme. Solve 3 medical cases, discover cures and help save lives!

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    Elizabeth Find MD: Diagnosis Mystery review

    Dr. Elizabeth is an immunologist in a hospital and as a gamer you play her role as a team member of a special diagnostic team. You are to treat the patients who come to the emergency department with mysterious illnesses. You are to diagnose these patients and also treat them. You will be dealing with three different cases as Dr. Elizabeth through the hidden object games and mini games.

    Dr. Elizabeth is a house doctor who is a part of a team and for a change she is not the head of the team. Her boss is Dr. Monica Roberts and to pep up the things she even has a rival, Dr. Stephen Stewards. There are three special cases that you have to diagnose and treat. A coughing child, women with rash and comatose man who has a no I.D. come in one after the other whose case you have to handle. You not only have to detect the disease, but you also need to go on an investigation by talking with the patient’s colleagues. You also have to find out the clues as well as the causes behind the disease. So it is not only the physical symptoms of the patient that matters but an accurate detection also depends on your medical prowess.

    The gameplay follows the old line where you would be searching for the hidden items in a cluttered room. There are a lot of variations in the form of spotting the difference, getting the audio clues and even putting back items in a scene. There are ample hints that you can put to use if you find it difficult to spot the hidden objects. The hints take some time to get recharged and the more hints you use the more time it takes to recharge. You also have the opportunity to use the medical equipments in your bag to get the tests done like using the stethoscope, syringe and also the Petri dishes to collect the samples. The mini games are all about testing the samples. For instance, analyzing the blood samples, testing for the bacteria etc make the mini games part.

    There are a few items that would look completely irrelevant to the story as well as the scene. For example, you would wonder why the hospital has o be so dirty to be littered with beetles, apples, cans and even toilet brushes. So, if you wish to enjoy yourself playing the game then you have to ignore all such small irrelevancies.

    Conclusion: The game has been well planned but sometimes really disappoints gamers like us by making the gamer do all odd jobs that have no meaning in the context of the game. Now, why should you search Dr. Robert’s room for junks just because she would take time to digest what you said… seems really crazy! The story of the game is the most interesting aspect and this would be liked both by the gamers who love to play games with medical themes and also by the ones who prefer plain hidden object games. The game is quite a good one with good graphics and music. This would really be a good medical treat for veterans’ like us who feel sick by playing a few crazy games!

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