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Find Tealy 2 Online

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February 20, 2011
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Game Description

Play this extrelemy cute game and try to locate ten cute Tealy (dragons) in as short period of time as possible!This game might become truly one of the cutest games you have ever seen, and it reminds of the Moomins with its nice winter landscapes and cute creatures inhabiting the world of this game.

So, your task is to find the ten Tealy – little blue dragons – who are playing hide and seek with you. You will certainly enjoy clicking onto whatever place of the screen you want to, because the gameplay is purely intuitive. The arrows in the left bottom show the available directions that you can explore in search for Tealy.

Click on whatever you want to, there is no penalty for random clicking. Some Tealy can be found quite quickly, but for locating others you will need to work with your brains a bit and find out how to get Tealy. Think logically – although there are no direct hints, there are some hints in the gameplay itself. For example, if you see a Tealy hungrily devouring a piece of tibmer, you might have to feed him on something more nutritious… so search for it!

Your scores in this game depend on how fast you find all Tealy.  And at the end you will be rewarded by a picture of all ten blue dragons who you have found in this cute game.

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