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Finders Keepers

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May 22, 2012
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Game Description

Find 5 identical objects at each level (i.e. in each room of the house) that match the description given to you.Your time is limited – you may trace the left seconds watching the time counter at the top right corner of the screen. How to find the objects? Simply click with your mouse on various pieces of furniture – and different objects will start popping out of them, and among these objects might be the one that you need. However, because the other objects might really crowd the way to the needed one, you might have to clear off the junk. For that, simply click on the junk objects and move them. And when you manage to grab the right object – drag it to the empty spot next to the clue! There you will collect all 5 objects.

Your bonus depends on how fast you manage to locate all 5 items at each level. There are no hints. After the leves is passed, you will be taken to the next one.

The game is very nice, dynamic, and becomes quite challenging after the 2nd level or so. Enjoy your search!

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