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Haunt N Seek

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May 19, 2011
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Game Description

The boys have broken the window of a Hawnting’s manor with their baseball, and you are sent to get the ball back!In this room excape game, you find yourself in a spooky place – the house of the late Mr and Mrs Hawntings. Search the house from room to room so that to find your way to the attic where the ball has gone. There are 10 hidden items in each room that you need to find before you can proceed in your adventure.

The list of items appears if you click on the ‘list’ button at the top right corner of the screen, and the already found items are crossed out of the list in red. In the course of the game, you may use the option of zooming in and out so while navigating around the room.

You may also use hints in this game – for that, simply click on the ‘hint’  button located under the list of items, and the area where the required object is in becomes highlighted.

We highly recommend this game to all the fans of room escape and hidden object games!

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