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Haunted Hotel

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March 5, 2008
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Haunted Hotel
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System requirements:

OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
CPU: 600 Mhz or faster Processor
RAM: 128 MB
Hard Drive: 54 MB

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  • Know how it feels to get stuck in a haunted hotel in the dark of the night! There is something that controls everything inside the hotel and you need to get out of the mess…. Can you?

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    Haunted Hotel review

    Haunted hotel was supposed to be one of the most interesting games of the year and why not? It is a game that dares to tread the dark alleys of supernatural and horror game play. But wait why am I not getting to feel the same while playing the game? This is because the game falls flat on its face due to a lot of technical and conceptual failures. The game falls way short of delivering on all the fronts which makes a game interesting and addictive.

    The game starts in the line of the old concept of a man getting stuck in a hotel on a stormy night. The man meets with an accident on countryside and is forced to take shelter in a spooky looking hotel. The hotel is bereft of any living creature and there are no souls to be found anywhere. The man uses the elevator to move to one of the upper floors of the hotel to enquire but…

    The lift does not work when the man wants to get back to the lobby and he realizes that he is stuck. The hotel has a strange feel altogether with plants creeping out of the picture frames, shrill cry behind the closed doors and frost lining on the walls. But there is one more thin inside the hotel that can be termed as living and it is cat that roams around lousily in the corridors (was meant to render a spooky feel, but ends up being a caricature).

    As a player you keep on investigating the hotel rooms to try and find a way out of the hotel. You will have to solve the mysteries one by one and find some objects that will help you to etch a path to get you out of the hotel. Your primary task will be to investigate each room to find out the items that appear on a list. After completing these tasks successfully, you will have to catch the passing energy balls on the screen to restore power to the elevator and get out of the game (this is one of the most boring mini games that I have ever encountered in my gaming life).

    You also get the facility of hints and you are also entitled to more hints once you find the bonus objects on the list. The hints will also add extra time to the total game play. The mini games are not so interesting and involve untangling ropes, solving jigsaw puzzles etc.

    Conclusion: There are seriously no positives that I could find in the game except some moments that you can call pseudo-spooky. The game was a complete lackluster show from the production house where nothing from the sound to the graphics can be called good. To add to the agony of a gamer, even the writing that appears on the screen has grammatical and English errors. All in all this game comes nowhere near to attracting gamers’ senses. We expect the production house to do a better job next time!

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