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Hawaiian Explorer: Pearl Harbor

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May 20, 2009
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Hawaiian Explorer: Pearl Harbor
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Hawaiian Explorer: Pearl Harbor game screenshotHawaiian Explorer: Pearl Harbor game screenshotHawaiian Explorer: Pearl Harbor game screenshotHawaiian Explorer: Pearl Harbor game screenshot
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System requirements:

Video: 16MB Video Card
CPU: P3 1.0 GHZ
Memory: 256 MB
OS: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows Vista

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  • Looking for anything adventurous? Then help out the team of the Charlie to find one of the most famous diamond medals of the world. Dive into deep sea or explore exotic beaches and search for it!!

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    Hawaiian Explorer: Pearl Harbor review

    As the name suggests Hawaiian explorer: Pearl Harbor is about Charlie Johnson who is a millionaire with passions for travel and hunt for treasure. But he doesn’t strive for any minor treasure bubbles rather he looks for ancient legendary statues or artifacts. One of such item is the 800 year old diamond medal which is set with 96 carat gem. It was a gift for a bravest samurai in 1348 but much later in 1756 this medal disappeared. Since then many people dedicated their lives to find this rare piece including our hero Charlie.

    Till now, Charlie has invested millions of dollars in researching about the diamond medal. Now he has entrusted the work to a Hawaiian diving team to search in the caves, shops, beaches and even in sunken vessels for searching out this lost artifact. So this is about a seek and find game, which is played in single mode and includes 15 missions. You have to find all the items since they are the most important links to the story. There are even a few jigsaw puzzles which you have to solve from a document or a sketch.

    Most of the missions are underwater and a few are in dry lands. The hunt for the items will be in a traditional hunting style and with every item you need to click on it to remove. There are a few things which may remain hidden and you may not find it from the first glance but you have to follow the list. There can be more than one object and every time you have to click on it to see whether the item is correct or not. Time is an important factor in all the missions and every time you have to go by the clock. Expand the time if you think you won’t be able to complete the mission in time. There are certain penalties for wrong clicks and for any extra hints and that is too harsh on the gamers I suppose.

    While talking about the presentation of the game, it can be stated that Hawaiian Explorer: Pearl Harbor is an attractive mix of photorealistic art and photographic images. The qualities are not consistent throughout the game but the animations, moving leaves and swimming fish add to the static locations and the background music goes well with them. It adds to the ambience of the game.

    Some of the underwater graphics seems murky and it will be quite difficult to identify items. Some of the features like the ‘oft-imprecise’ object selection are not so convincing and even multiple clicks are necessary for registering the items. Few of the items can be misidentified also. So in the three hours of the game, it is necessary for the gamer to remain very alert. After when the diamond medal is identified and just when you begin with the search… the game ends. This is not what I expected but the whole game experience suffers and ends abruptly.

    Conclusions: This is a good creation of the particular genre and throws great challenge to the gamers. It can be frustrating sometimes but finding the objects is an exciting adventure.

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