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Hidden Mysteries: Buckingham Palace

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November 4, 2008
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Hidden Mysteries: Buckingham Palace
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OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 800 Mhz or faster Processor
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive: 83 MB

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  • A decent hidden object game, with an interesting array of inventory-based puzzles that will definitely be a hit with history buffs.

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    Hidden Mysteries: Buckingham Palace review

    Hidden Mysteries: Buckingham Palace is the latest seek-and-find adventure from GameMill Entertainment that puts you on an adventure trail in the famous Buckingham Palace. The official residence of Britain’s royal family for over two centuries, this place is renowned for its share of mysteries and secrets. However, in the game you really don’t get to explore all the 750 rooms, simply because there is no time. Having said that, you begin your trail in the more famous rooms like Admirality Arch, the Royal Mews, The Queens Gallery and the Victoria Memorial Statue. You will get a chance to visit each of the rooms in each of the 12 parts in which this game is neatly divided.

    This game is definitely an improvement from its predecessor, Hidden Mysteries: Civil War in many ways. Graphics wise, this game is definitely better and the objects here are also not that tiny like the previous game. There is a special three-tiered hint system, which is called “Hint Credits” to purchase different levels of hint. While One hint credit shows an items silhouette, three credits depict a picture of what the item looks like, while five hint credits reveals the location of the items. This is another engaging feature in the mini-games that keeps pooping up at regular intervals. For example, there is deciphering tacky anagrams in an old letter, and arranging potrait paitings in the order on the wall of the Queen’s Gallery. All this are indeed impressive add-ons and definitely a welcome break from the previous games.

    Another intertesting add-on feature that is welcome and refreshing are the important items that keep popping up at intervals and which can be later added on to the inventory. These items can be used to solve puzzles by clicking hotspots in the scene- such as using a lighter to light a candle.

    Conclusion: Despite its rather engaging add-ons and an impressive array of mini-games, this game suffers from inherent flaws and a rather unimpressive and clumsy arrangement of rather bizarre objects. This is because some of the objects in this game are definitely out of place and is totally out of sync with the story and location. Great pains are been taken to clearly merge said objects with the scenery and some of the locales in Hidden Mysteries: Buckingham Palace is replete with total crap like sushi, an anchor, a dumbell and even more bizzare- an aeroplane! That is a major irritant as far as is this game is concerned. At times you feel that you have entered a teenager’s bedroom and not a room in a royal palace. However, having said that each time you enter a room, the game has interesting facts about its background that definitely keeps you hooked on for a while – especially for history buffs – but this game is definitely not a substitute for an actually planned and scripted story. On the whole, Hidden Mysteries: Buckingham Palace is a decent hidden object game that has an ideal mix of inventory-based puzzles that stands out. Having said that the game could have been better if a little more imagination and thought would have gone into conceiving the plot and how items have been placed on the screen.

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