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Hidden World of Art

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January 19, 2009
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Hidden World of Art
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System requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 600 Mhz or faster Processor
RAM: 128 MB
Hard Drive: 53 MB

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  • No ads, no adware, no spyware
  • Help Lana to restore paintings. If you love paintings, you will play this game with heart and brain as well. So are you ready for the search of the hidden world?

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    Hidden World of Art review

    A little girl named Lana Vasari was fascinated towards artwork. After an unfortunate incident of magic marker on a canvas painting, Lana was introduced with the fine art of restoration. After she grew up to be an adult, Lana graduated as a restoration expert from a school and started doing freelance practice. This is where the game begins!

    The game Hidden World of Art is about Lana who raises money and work as art restoration professional for wealthy customers. She is supposed to restore the valuable paintings to their original form. In the game you will do this in many ways, but mostly it involves the typical hidden objects feature like other games.

    Though the game begins with the straight forward objective but with the search of the objects, it gets a little complicated. You will find several options on the left hand corner of the screen, with the click of the mouse they get removed. There are some puzzle clues which don’t have a specific time limit to complete.

    Here in this game, there is a wonderful bonus gameplay element, where the gamers would be asked to search for three bonus items and there is a cash reward for it. To get that a gamer must click the items in the right order. After completing with the bonus items, the gamer has to hang the painting in the virtual gallery, where you can easily enter from the main menu. But unfortunately, you cannot view the paintings instead you can only find the names and the lists of the artists.

    Hidden World of Art has a unique challenge for the players for finding the objects in different methods like matching items with silhouette shapes, pairings of similar items, finding the differences of two identical paintings etc. Although there is nothing new in this game about the hidden objects but the execution of the puzzles are excellent.

    In between the levels of the game, you can spend money for decorating the apartments like $6000 for couch, $3000 for wallpaper $5700 for rugs and carpets. The prices seem a little unreal, what do you think?

    There are certain issues in the game which may lead to some confusion. Like there is a scene where you need to find a ‘plate’ but you may see four plates on the screen and thus it may lead to confusion. However there is no such penalty for clicking on the wrong objects but it would certainly impose a challenge for the gamers. There are certain other issues like in the section of “spot the differences”, where you need to identify the hint through a grey line. But sometimes it may difficult to see the grey line due to the graphics.

    Conclusion: Apart from all the shortcomings, Hidden World of Art looks and sounds great. This can be considered as one of those fairly beefy games where you need to solve more than 50 puzzles and with every successful solve you would get the hidden object and that’s indeed very satisfying.

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