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Hide and Secret 3: Pharaoh’s Quest

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September 1, 2009
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Hide and Secret 3: Pharaoh’s Quest
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Hide and Secret 3: Pharaoh’s Quest game screenshotHide and Secret 3: Pharaoh’s Quest game screenshot
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System requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 1.0 GHz or faster Processor
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive: 82 MB

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  • Help two ancient Egyptian lovers reunite by locating and returning their stolen treasures. A Hidden Object Game that is replete with great graphics and clever inventory puzzles.

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    Hide and Secret 3: Pharaoh’s Quest review

    The plot of Hide & Secret 3: Pharoah’s Quest is reminiscent of the famous the Mummy Returns. In this game, your mission is to help two Ancient Egyptian lovers reunite by you are trying to help two Ancient Egyptian lovers reunite by helping them return the stolen treasures. This hidden-object-game has a pretty interesting gameplay where you have to locate varied items in varied Egyptian-themed scenes. At the basic plot level too, this game picks up from its prequel Hide & Secret 2: Cliffhanger’s Castle. I just want to emphasize on the fact that you do not need to play the game to have enjoyed it. Even without having played this game, you can still enjoy Hide & Secret 3: Pharoah’s Quest.

    At the paying level, this game is untimed, and hence there is no penality for random or incorrect clicks. Hence, in a way being untimed makes this game languid and laid back. There is no sense of urgency, and after a while it tends to get boring. Despite this hitch, the objects are fairly well depicted and the various items are pretty clearly layered and well defined, and does not get merged with the background. At the art level, its quirky and brightly colored at various scenes. Not only that as a player, you will have to revisist the same scenes over and over again. This makes it a dampner, and in this regard, the game loses out on its replay value quite drastically.

    As a hidden object game, it works because locating the objects is a challenging exercise.Instead of the clutter; the items are blended quite beautifully with the colors in the background. Keeping in sync with the adventure style of this game, Hide & Secret 3: Pharoah’s Quest has a neat set of inventory puzzles that can be completed using certain items that tend to be quite useful. These items can be easily collected as you move on in the game, and once you reach a certain level, you will unearth even newer handy items. This process continues until you reach a certain level in the game. As far as hints are concerned, there are sparkles in various colors. For instance, blue sparkles mean you can pick up the item. Red sparkles means you need to rework your tasks, and a magnifying glass means you need to click to look closer at an item.

    Conclusion: Overall, Hide & Secret 3: Pharoah’s Quest is an interesting Hidden Object Game that is sure to keep you engaged for a while. However, its duration of two hours can be pretty annoying for many, considering the fact that while its starts off on a positive note, it ends quite abruptly. As a HOG it works as at the basic level and hence is sure to appeal all the die-hard lovers of Hidden Object Games. At the plot level, there are elements that will keep you hooked. For instance, the quest of helping two royal lovers being reunited by relocating and returning their stolen artifacts is all quite good in this expansive Hidden Object Game. It has adventure, where you have to travel through numerous countries. The inventory puzzles are clever and you really need gumption to play them. Lastly, the high point of Hide and Secret 3 – Pharaoh’s Quest is its outstanding graphics, which are way better than the previous games of this series.

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