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Holly’s Attic Treasure

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June 12, 2009
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Game Description

Find Trinkets hidden in Holly’s room. Scroll around the screen to look around the room and figure out where each item on your list is hidden.

Instructions: Move your mouse to the left, right, top or bottom side of the game screen to scroll around the room. The items to find are at the right side of the game screen. When you find any of these items, click on them to highlight it. Once you’ve found all the items, the game is over and you’re the winner! There are no penalties for incorrect clicking or pressing time limit – enjoy your search for as long as you want. Compete for the best time to find all the items, but if you don’t like to compete, just relax and take your time not worrying for anything!

As Penny the Pet Detective, help the lady find her little pink hamster Muffin that she has lost somewhere in her house.

-3 rating, 5 votes-3 rating, 5 votes Rating: -3

Try being a diver and find beautiful shells at the bottom of the ocean!

4 rating, 18 votes4 rating, 18 votes Rating: +4

You are stranded on a deserted island and must figure out how you got there and how to get off. Find Hidden Objects strewn across the beaches of Shark Island and unlock the mystery of a lost civilization. Roam gorgeous beaches, collect objects, and solve puzzles that help you discover ...

8 rating, 66 votes8 rating, 66 votes Rating: +8

Monsieur Mark Davies has reported his wife, Sara, missing and now it's up to you to track her down and solve the mystery!

33 rating, 33 votes33 rating, 33 votes Rating: +33

The tropical environments will bring you more than a relaxing time and cocktails at the beach as your Hidden Object skills are tested.

41 rating, 49 votes41 rating, 49 votes Rating: +41

Can you help Tamara use her newfound magical abilities to solve puzzles and confront her mother's captor?

1 rating, 5 votes1 rating, 5 votes Rating: +1