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I Spy: Fun House

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September 3, 2009
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I Spy: Fun House
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OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 800 Mhz or faster Processor
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive: 192 MB

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  • Riddles, riddles, on your way! Yes, that’s true, the world of riddles waits for you! Come and explore!

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    I Spy: Fun House review

    I Spy Books… a real source of entertainment I must say! I always cherished that my kids too experience this joy! However, as of late I have observed many kids turning an eye towards electronic games and my kids are no exception. I guess the media is also aware of this change in kids! Why? Well, don’t you see the variations they try to implement by transforming a classic children’s book or game into a brand new electronic version! Now this entire phase of the hit and trial method may work for some game and some may simply be dumped over. I Spy Fun House too has an electronic version and has received a mixed response from the worldwide crowd. Some comment “it’s beyond expectation” while some say, “the books were better!”
    Apart from being an electronic version of the ‘I Spy books’ the basic structure of the game is the same. Here too the players need to search for the objects spread around an image full of items. To add spice to the game, a couple of mini-games are included as well. There are a total of eighteen images divided into three groups. Each group has six images where three riddles are allotted to one image. The images are bigger as compared to the DS screen and you can scroll the images easily. Each of the riddles comprises of innumerable items that you need to look for…if you have read the ‘I Spy books’ then you already know this! Looking up for these items may be a bit challenging as the images are cramped and small.

    The images in the ‘I Spy Funhouse’ fail to capture the wistful splendor of the originals as they are not as prominent as the images in the book. Moreover, the colors are not that vibrant as they used to be in the book. But…but…despite these differences with respect to photo quality, ‘I Spy Funhouse’ is a pleasure to view! The main game is inclusive of three mini games namely Hoop Shot, an arcade version of a Venn Diagram; Pop-n-Drop, a Dr. Mario clone; and Listen Up!, a version of Simon…my kids go nuts over these fairly randomized game…what about yours?

    Conclusion: I opine that the game would have received an above average rating if considered only as a separate game…free of all other games. The mini games and picture riddles have been designed perfectly and are a real pleasure to play. The objects and images used are same for each time…well, that’s not an issue as kids aren’t fussy about repetition. It would have been better if more than six images in one were included. Moreover, toddlers may find playing the mini-games a challenging task! “A game with balanced response”…that’s what the bottom line can be…not too bad and at the same time nothing so great about it that would make it a cut above other arcade and puzzle games. ‘I Spy Funhouse’…may be a pricey affair for some, but game lovers are sure to ignore this aspect…I guess you too hold the same opinion!

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