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Indus Valley Hidden Treasure

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June 24, 2009
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Game Description

Unveil the secrets of each room in a building by finding and fitting sets of objects to the rock slabs. Relax and search with no time limit, or play the challenger mode and be challenged to solve each room in under 10 minutes.

Instructions: In the building screen, click any room you haven’t solved yet. Once in the room, you’ll see a set of objects to find shown in the rocks to the right. Search the room for these objects and click them once found. It will be moved to the corresponding rock slab. Once all the objects are found, you find the room’s secret and can move on to the next room.

There are 3 types of hints available. The first one shades the whole room and highlights a random object from those you have to find. The second one zooms in one of the objects to be found, and the third one removes a lot of the junk objects to make it easier to spot the correct items for a limited time. Hints do not replenish during the level, but are reset to full amount at the start of each room.

Incorrect clicking penalizes you – three incorrect clicks in a row will eat up 10 seconds. However, this seems to be incorrectly implemented and often you won’t see the time eat up, so you can click around as long as you wish.

There are 2 modes available: The researcher mode, and the Challenger. In the researcher mode you’re not limited by time – take as much time as you need to solve each level. In the Challenger mode you have 10 minutes to solve each room.

Find toy parts and assemble toys from them working under a time limit. Not only you put your hidden objects search skills to a good use, you will also have to find where to put them to!

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