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Little Shop – City Lights

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July 1, 2009
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Little Shop – City Lights
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Little Shop – City Lights game screenshotLittle Shop – City Lights game screenshotLittle Shop – City Lights game screenshotLittle Shop – City Lights game screenshot
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System requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista
Memory: 128 MB
CPU: P800

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  • Wanna taste how it feels like setting up a store and handle clients in a big city? Play Little Shop City Lights to know the answers!

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    Little Shop – City Lights review

    The Little Shop series of games continue to enthrall all the hidden object gamers of the world with its new big city version called Little Shop City Lights. The game has moved to the bigger cities where you have to now test your shopper’s knowledge in the bigger city stores. You have to handle bigger deluge of customers who would give you very little time to get their items. You have to test your shopper’s experience at a variety of locations and find pout if you are suited to open up a store in the city and give the larger stores a run for their money.

    The theme of the game is still based on the classic seek-and-find where you will again start searching for variety of items at cluttered locations. Now, the only difference of this game with the other games of its genre is that it her you will be helping numerous people at a time to fulfill their shopping needs. The story line of the game is that you have now arrived at the big city to establish your store. You have already dumped your small store outlook but what remains with you is the passion to satisfy all your customers. You decide to buy an old theatre to set up your store but find out that it needs repairs. You decide that till the time the theater is up and running, you will be taking a feel of the bigger city stores by working in some of them.

    As usual you will have to work the six days of a week in various stores and every Sunday you would have to repair your theater. Thus, you start to work in ladies parlors, furniture shops and even at the roadside stall to experience the city store life. The game has been divided into various stages with a variety of scenes. Basically you will have to serve at least 10 customers in a store to proceed from one scene to another. If you are able to serve all 15 customers that come to your store within the stipulated 5 minutes then your will earn a gold star. You will also be entitled to play a bonus round where you will need to find an item within a minute. If you are able to complete this task then you will earn yourself a trophy.

    Conclusion: The graphics of the game is excellent and this makes it a real challenge to find the items (this doesn’t mean that you have to go on a pixel hunt). The objects are very well hidden within the scenes and it definitely is a great challenge to spot them within the given time frame of 5 minutes. The hints system is also great and you start with the usual 3 hints, but you can gain additional hints by clicking on the ‘?’. There is also the thermometer help through which the customers tell you how far you are from their goods. Random clicking ensures that you are penalized by taking away a few seconds from your game play. Now the music of this game is one of the most soothing aspects of the game, it complements the scenes with great style. One can only say that we want more of this game because we do not want good things to end soon.

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