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Lost Fortunes

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July 26, 2009
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Lost Fortunes
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System requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 1.2 GHz or faster Processor
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Drive: 88 MB

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  • No ads, no adware, no spyware
  • You need to get back your lost memory! Find out if you can fight the evil and win it for yourself as well as the unfortunate spirits!

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    Lost Fortunes review

    Have you ever imagined how you would feel if you just loose your memory after a good night’s sleep? Well, I know the feeling itself could be horrible and just imagine if all this happens in the middle of a carnival. Well, you have the option of availing the services of a fortune teller who is there to help you out. Yews, this is what makes up the fun filled Lost Fortunes. You will be playing a lot of mini games to get back the tarot cards of fortune teller and she would help you get back your memory.

    The story of Lost Fortune is a very interesting one where you have to help the seven spirits that are trapped inside the crystal ball along with the tarot cards. As a game player you will be required to free all of them and then even fight with the wicked witch to save your own soul from getting trapped. You will have to play the mini games in order to free the spirits as well as the tarot cards one by one. The mini games range from riddles to memory games. The whole game has more than 6 mini games and you will have to win them one after another to get hold of the cards. Though the mini games repeat several times and since all are different from one another, so you won’t get frustrated while playing these.

    The seven spirit world spring up seven different mini-games where you are required to solve the world puzzles (these keep on getting more challenging). It is not mandatory to play each and every mini game and if you feel like skipping one then you can do so without any problem. So after you complete the mini games for each spirit world, one card for that world becomes free. The same cannot be said while trying to free the spirits as it requires that you finish all the mini games successfully and get the perfect scores. You have the option of not freeing the spirits by not making the perfect score card but you cannot free the spirits. So it is better to replay each stage where you fail to end up with a perfect score.

    Conclusion: There are almost no problems with the game except getting the perfect score to free the spirits. To be true there really are no problems in getting the perfect scores except on a few occasions. This is another thing that at least a old gamer like me find very interesting. I feel that it takes away the real challenge from the game! It is more or less a smooth ride for anybody who plays all the levels to free the spirits. There are ample chances of revitalizing the hints and even extending the clock timings. I wonder who would lose in such a game! This is a decent game where the graphics is above average and even the music is in sync with the scenes. All in all a good and fun filled game!

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