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Lost In The City Online

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March 4, 2011
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Game Description

You wake up trapped in a room with no idea how you got into it. Once you manage to solve the first puzzles, you find yourself  out in the abandoned streets. Intrgued? - Welcome to the City!After your first date with a charming black-haired girl named April, you wake up in a completely strange place – and it seems that you are in a trap! Moreover, April seems to be somehow connected with what is going on… In this dramatic and tense atmosphere, you still have to explore the unknown city and find out what happened, where is April, and who are the people who have brought you here.

You will be guided through the game by a mysterious anonymous person leaving for you messages in each location you visit and instructing you what to do and where to go next. All instructions, once you receive them in any form (notes, letters, audio- or videotapes)… appear in the top right part of the screen for your convenience. There is a magnifying glass at he bottom right corner which allows you to explore the location closer when you are searching for smaller objects.

The game has lots of mini-games and puzzles – their complexity increased as you walk through the game. You will need to search for codes, passwords, solve puzzles – and get additional bonuses for your wit.

The time is limited. The fines for 3 wrong clicks in a row is taking off several seconds from the time you are given to browse each location. You may also use the hint – but each hints also costs you part of your precious time, so you better steer clear of it!

The graphics in the game is quite nice, and the gameplay is simply exciting! So we highly recommend to try this game.

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