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Mad World Part 1

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April 21, 2009
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Game Description

Explore beautifully done mirrored scenes and find the differences between two sides of the mirrored images. Great graphics and animations and enjoyable gameplay

Instructions: At each scene – find the difference between the left and the right sides of the mirrored image. Once you’ve found the difference – click it in either side to highlight it. When all differences are found, you’ll advance to the next level. If you click in the wrong spot, your score will decrease.

The transition animations are great, and worth the playing time alone! The gameplay is rather easy and since there is not too much penalty for random clicking, and the areas to click are rather big – you can just click around if you’re stuck. There are just about a dozen levels, so the game is quick to complete and leaves enjoyable memories.

You will truly LOVE this charming and cute game with original graphics and excellent gamelay. As a newspaper journalist, investigate on your editor's request the rumours about a UFO that has landed in one of the towns!

3 rating, 5 votes3 rating, 5 votes Rating: +3

Just how dark can the human soul be - it is up to you to discover in this amazing hidden object game.

-1 rating, 3 votes-1 rating, 3 votes Rating: -1

Check your observation skills and find the objects hidden in the guest room!

2 rating, 8 votes2 rating, 8 votes Rating: +2

Help Holly find her daughter and return back to their sweet home! Only you can help but beware of the magic land!

36 rating, 40 votes36 rating, 40 votes Rating: +36

Cate is about to revive some old dead bodies because only they can help her with the clues, so will be she able to do that? This cutting edge game is a sheer thrill! Go play!

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Find Santa’s magic star and stop the gruesome Icy Elf from ruining Christmas for everyone on the planet in this exciting Christmas game!

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