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Meet My Valentine

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June 6, 2009
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Game Description

A very enjoyable romantic story for the Valentine’s day. Spot the differences to let love win hearts!

Instructions: Each scene is presented as 2 pages from the book and you have to find what’s different between them. There are just 5 differences on each page. Click on the difference when you spot it. Once you’ve found all 5 differences, the page will turn over and the next scene will be presented.

You’re given only 30 seconds to complete each scene. However, don’t worry if you didn’t do it on time. In this case the page will turn again with a bad turn of the events, but you still have the chance to fix it! Find 5 differences without time limit on this bad page, and it will turn back to the good one and you can resume from where you left off without the time ticking down. A very clever way to do things!

You can play with hints or without hints. When you play with the hints and you take too long to find the difference, it will do something to attract your attention (change it’s shape, move around a bit etc.), so that you don’t get stuck on the harder scenes. Again, a very nice, refreshing and enjoyable hints solution.

Overall, just try this game. You won’t regret for sure! One of the best spot the difference games with the romantic theme!

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