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Mr. Biscuits: The Case of the Ocean Pearl

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June 23, 2009
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Mr. Biscuits: The Case of the Ocean Pearl
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Mr. Biscuits: The Case of the Ocean Pearl game screenshotMr. Biscuits: The Case of the Ocean Pearl game screenshotMr. Biscuits: The Case of the Ocean Pearl game screenshotMr. Biscuits: The Case of the Ocean Pearl game screenshotMr. Biscuits: The Case of the Ocean Pearl game screenshotMr. Biscuits: The Case of the Ocean Pearl game screenshot
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System requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 800 Mhz or faster Processor
RAM: 128 MB
Hard Drive: 53 MB

  • Quality tested and virus free
  • No ads, no adware, no spyware
  • Find out the clues on the ship and try to earn points to spot the real murderer. You are the cop and it is you who has to find out Mr. Biscuits.

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    Mr. Biscuits: The Case of the Ocean Pearl review

    Mr. Biscuits: The Case of the Ocean Pearl is a classic example of a great game ruined by plain ignorance. The game is based on the classic hidden object game design where you are required to find out the hidden objects from every scene to solve a murder mystery in the end. Actually, the items that you find during the game are used to nab the criminal in the end. The game is based on a very good plot and could have gone on to become a great game, if only it had been handled in a better manner. The shabby graphic work is going to leave you really frustrated by the time you end the game.

    This is the story of a wealthy woman who is murdered on a cruise. The police investigate the murder scenes and searches the other parts of the ship for specific clues. Mr. Biscuits is the beloved pug of the rich woman who was murdered and he accompanies the police to all the places that they visit to find clues. In every scene, you are required to find out the list of items and also Mr. Biscuits who hides in the same room. Finding Mr. Biscuits earns you some extra clues as bonus. The clues will be of a lot of use during the last scene of the mystery when you are going to joint them one by one and try to identify the murderer.
    Now, this is very interesting and the voice acting is just brilliant.

    The shoddily done graphics spoil the mood of gamers as there are numerous flaws that couldn’t be avoided easily. The objects in each scene are so small that you find it really difficult to spot them. This is really very frustrating. You are perplexed while you do not know how originally things should look like. For instance a chair can be anything like a chair on the painting, a real life chair or a dollhouse chair. No color sequences or conventions are followed for the items and they repeat several times. The designing team has worked like a novice and veteran gamers like me would really get frustrated with the scheme of things.
    The hints system saves the day for the gamers who are offered three hints every level and they better use them because you cannot carry them forward. Clicking on the hints make the objects either jump or spin to get themselves spotted. The only exception is that Mr. Biscuits does not reveal himself even after clicking on the hints. You can use various tools to spot the items like a crystal ball or ultraviolet ray.

    You can play the game in a relaxed mode and also have the option of using the SKP dialogue option. In the relaxed mode you are not going to get any clues and instead only find out the items. There are a total of 40 scenes and the normal time of completion is 10 minutes. Believe me, it is really tough to spot the items within the stipulated time frame.

    Conclusion: The game can be called interesting while giving you a good opportunity to enjoy a murder mystery story but some good graphics could have taken things to a level, which gamers like me would have really enjoyed. Overall it’s an “okay” game, nothing really spectacular, but gets the job done.

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