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Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes Museum

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November 11, 2011
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Game Description

Help Sherlock Holmes solve the mysterious cases and gather the items hidden in each of the three locations (levels) of this game.
The list of the items is at the bottom of the screen, and once you find one and click on it, this object’s name becomes crossed out of the list.

There is no time limit in this game, nor is there any penalty for the wrong clicks. As for the hints, they are available but not from the very beginning of the search (you will see how the hint button becomes fully red, and that is when you may use it), and when used, the hint option needs some time to be restored.

There are nice locations and amazing antique objects in this game that are taking you into the atmorphere of Victorian England and the times of Sherlock Holmes. However the graphics of the game is a bit blurry. Most objects are easy to find, however. Enjoy this interesting game if you like Sherlock Holmes adventures and detective stories!

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