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Mysteriez 2

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February 28, 2012
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Game Description

Find the numbers hidden among the objects in various locations using a magnifying glass if necessary.
The limit for the search is 5 minutes per each level.The numbers that need to be found (from 1 to 40) are displayed at the right column of the screen, and above it there is the time count that allows you to see how much time you have left.

There is one feature in this game that some might find inconvenient: when you find a number and click on it, this number does not disappear from the panel, so it is much easier to make a mistake and click on the same number twice – which is immediately punished by taking 10 seconds off your searching time.

So the game is quite challenging, especially if you are a beginner… However, for an experienced hidden object gamer it might be easy. Anyway, you cannot tell till you try, right? So go and try your luck searching for hidden numbers!

Find all easter eggs that are hidden inside, under or behind various objects in the room.

-5 rating, 11 votes-5 rating, 11 votes Rating: -5

Explore three rooms of the museum with various themes, locate all hidden items and enjoy the exciting hidden object search.

2 rating, 4 votes2 rating, 4 votes Rating: +2

Find the items for your vacation in a very messy room. Open the doors and the boxes to see even more items. A fun beautiful short hidden object game for you to enjoy!

633 rating, 1,407 votes633 rating, 1,407 votes Rating: +633

Escape your grizzly fate and do not let your worst nightmare to come true in this excellent game!

1 rating, 3 votes1 rating, 3 votes Rating: +1

When a maniac who has kidnapped a woman's fiance and cast her as Red Riding Hood in his twisted fairytale fantasy, you are the only one who can save the couple!

0 rating, 0 votes0 rating, 0 votes Rating: 0

Am I dead? Apparently so, but in addition to the mystery - you have no memory whatsoever of how it may have happened! But still - can you save your sister and the whole world?

0 rating, 0 votes0 rating, 0 votes Rating: 0