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Mystery Age: The Imperial Staff

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August 22, 2009
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Mystery Age: The Imperial Staff
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System requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 800 Mhz or faster Processor
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive: 154 MB

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  • An engaging hidden-objects game with exquisite imagery that is surely going to leave you spell bound. With an interesting array of mini-games, this game is highly recommended.

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    Mystery Age: The Imperial Staff review

    The plot in Mystery Age: The Imperial Staff is pretty engaging where Eva and her daughter are on the mission to find the source of the black rain that has wreaked havoc in their land. Through the course of the mission, they befriend numerous interesting characters and interact with chat bubbles- a fairly integral part of hidden object game. The funniest part of this game is that Eva calls her daughter an animal. The visuals are pretty cliché and leave you with a situatuion of feeling a tad frustrated. The animation is pretty far fetched and there is a total lack of coherence when it comes to dialogue. Even the text is poor in content. All this leaves you frustrated wanting more. Locations play a pretty important part in this game. The dialogues explaining how Eva and her daughter came to a particular location is pretty childish because even without the dialogues, it is very clear as to how they managed to reach a particular location. However, if you leave the dialogues and scenes, you are invited into a stunning world that is replete with imagery and stunning visuals that will surely take your breath away. The game is an assortment of item collection and puzzle solving. The hidden objects have been broken into numerous opieces that you will have to fix. Other tasks in this game include reassembling a candle, lighting a dynamite etc. The interesting aspect of this game is that yopu get to locate the items only after ouzzles have been solved. This is surely a high point as far this game is concerned.

    There are several locations that you have to scout for. You will have to get all the objects to proceed on in this game. As far as mini-games are concerned, there are two interesting games that are integral and also quite entertaining. There are clues that you will get to figure out the liquor bottles and also arrange the chess pieces along the lines of a Sudoku set up.

    After having completed one set of puzzles, you move on to the next level, where you have to find sets of 10 elements that are the same. However, its pretty simple task, which makes it a game with intrinsic replay value. However, the hints are not only time consuming, but also irritating. This will take away considerable amount of time as you will have to wait till your meter to refills. All this, will make your meter pretty slow, which makes it a tad frustrating. However, you can increase the speed of the game, by loacting the eyes that are hidden in each of the location.

    Conclusion: All in all Mystery Age: The Imperial Staff is a rather engaging hidden-objects-game, with an art that is going to leave you totally spell bound. The background score is pretty good, but not engaging. However, if you skip the story, this game is pretty engaging. After a point, you kind of get hooked to Eva and Amber and their mission. The hints will not help you solve the puzzles, but the game meanders along that will put you go in the right direction.

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