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Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate

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November 8, 2007
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Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate
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Hard Drive: 116 MB
RAM: 512 MB
CPU: 800 Mhz or faster Processor
OS: Windows XP/Vista

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  • This is an old fashioned investigative thriller that will keep you hooked and is an absolute delight for Mystery Case Files fans.

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    Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate review

    Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate, the fourth game in the series, where Madame Fate, the fortune teller at the local carnival, is convinced that she’ll die at the stroke of midnight. Now it is upto her to stop all possible means to avert her death. This game is engaging as it brings in the nice old fashioned investigation that is now a forgotten concept in hidden object games. All the 15 carnival employees have a motive for wanting Madam Fate dead: While Lucy, is jealous of her success, Larry, on the other hand, who is a magician is afraid she’ll cost him his job. Finally The Mermaid is petrified of Madame Fate, who she feels will confide to her husband about the affair she’s having with the Strong Man. The main thing in this game is that the crime has not yet happened and hence your investigation puts an interesting twist, which is really refreshing. It in many ways brings back memories of the Mystery Case Files games.

    Your investigation begins on the carnival grounds, where you will be searching each person for clues. Like a typical hidden object game, each location is littered with an assortment of objects that are no neatly tucked that and you will have to search through the junk to find the list of items before time runs out. After having found all the clues, you’ll bring them back to Madame Fate. She in turn will use her crystal ball to reveal what the person’s fate will be when midnight rolls around. By doing this she will be eliminating the list of suspects.

    These crystal ball puzzles aren’t the only challenging features in this game. In order to gain access to the rooms of the characters themselves, you will have to solve a short word-based brainteaser using scrambled letters. Once you’ve gained access to the character’s room, you’re given sets of items to locate.

    Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate has other important features as well. For example, there are certain smaller scenes that need investigation. Another interesting tid bit is the items that keep changing their shape. However, if you click on these items, you can unravel the mystery and explore the carnival even further.

    Conclusion: Graphics are of the top draw – A clasical example is that of lions jumping through hoops, that looks really credible.This game is also boasts of top production values and the background score and audio also stands out. For example, Madam Fate’s voice is clear and perfect. You will also hear sounds of carnival and other sounds of animals that are totally fab. The only complain with Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate lies in the actual hidden object part of the game. Some of the items are a tad too tinyand difficult to make out. Bring out the magnifying glass if you need it, though, because Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate isn’t a game you ought to miss. The lovingly detailed carnival atmosphere is really enticing, and the plot sucks you in as well.

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