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Mystery Chronicles: Murder Among Friends

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September 12, 2008
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Mystery Chronicles: Murder Among Friends
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System requirements:

Hard Drive: 57 MB
RAM: 128 MB
CPU: 600 Mhz or faster Processor
OS: Windows XP/Vista

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  • No ads, no adware, no spyware
  • Find the real criminals behind the murder of Charles and find out the vital clues to find his missing children! You are the only person who can save the children, so make it fast!

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    Mystery Chronicles: Murder Among Friends review

    The hidden object games genre has gained huge popularity among the modern day gamers and they are dying to have more of it. The new game from the stable of HOG games is the Mystery Chronicles – A Murder Among Friends. The gamers have to be at their best to crack the mystery cases and that also after solving puzzles which are going to put their years of gaming to test.

    The game starts when the Parisian character receives a letter from Charles in Lyon, his cousin. In the letter Charles expresses his fears about the unnatural things that have been taking place lately. Now, you have to go to Lyon in order to help Charles, but you find that he and his wife are already dead while his children are missing. You have to search various locations and gather clues to find out the people who are behind the murders. This sets you on a long quest and you start to scour places like garden, house, garage etc. you are going to be presented with the classic hidden object items to find in the cluttered rooms and you need to search for these as quickly as possible. It is obvious that you are going to be presented with the list of items to find.

    There are items that form part of the special clues and these are to be collected for revealing a little more about the mystery that shrouds your murdered cousin. For instance you are going to find soiled notes or bullet casings as the special clues. With quite a good tinge of mini games and puzzles one is going to get a taste of the variety that this game has to offer. You are going to get mini games like the Sudoku or mirror puzzles. There is also the option of skipping the mini games but then you have to do away with 10 minutes of your total time. The objects are every well hidden in the scenes but one of the biggest problems is that you can find it difficult to spot the smaller items.

    The game has mini games that are going to keep up the interest meter for the gamers and these games are very well woven with the story of the game. The “7 pencils in white tray” and other mini games present a very interesting gameplay to the players who are on a lookout for some concrete challenge.

    Conclusion: Mystery Chronicles: A Murder Among Friends is a game that misses out on a very important point and that is the story. Yes, we all are aware of the fact that Hidden Object Mystery Games must have a solid storyline and this is where this game fails miserably. In this game the developers have tried to pack in too many things in one box resulting into a complete confusion. Hint system of the game proved to be irritating as the hint meter takes longer than normal to get recharged. The animated scenes are really interesting and the overall graphics of the game is good if not excellent. The sound is also good and if the developers had shown a little more ingenuity in developing the story then this game would have been lot more interesting.

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