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Mystery Hunter

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May 10, 2011
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Game Description

Discover the mysteries of ancient Egyptian tombs! Enter them using your hidden object skills.

For entering each pyramide, you will need to collect different shapes scattered all over the location. Depending on the way the shape is presented (built into the wall, laying on the ground, etc.), pick up a corresponding archaeological tool from the inventory and use it to get the shape. A short tutorial at the beginning of the game will show you exactly how to select a proper tool for each kind of shape!

The time for the game is limited and is shown at the top of the screen as a red line with a moving scull on it. Be quick while searching for the shapes, otherwise you will be striken by an ancient curse!

Use all your attention and sharp sight to indicate a person in a crowd of people who are in a constant movement. It's really fun!

-2 rating, 22 votes-2 rating, 22 votes Rating: -2

Try being a diver and find beautiful shells at the bottom of the ocean!

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Find the objects hidden in the room. Relaxing non-pressing game with no time limit and unlimited hints. Just take your time to find all the objects.

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Help a detective explore a rampant briar growth in Scotland, and discover the true tale of the real Sleeping Beauty!

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To avoid imprisonment, a deal is made to retrieve an artifact in this amazing game set in the 1930’s and taking you all over the world in order to find the hidden treasure!

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Solve a murder mystery in this amazing game, and while enjoying its amazing locations and incredible puzzles - discover who killed the Drama Queen!

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