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Mystery Masterpiece: The Moonstone Online

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February 1, 2011
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Game Description

Mystery Masterpiece: The Moonstone is a very bright and entertaining game suitable both for kids and adults. Investigate the mysterious theft of the precious diamond!

The game is based on the well-known English novel The Moonstone¬†written¬†by Wilkie Collins in 1869. The novel was a pioneer of the modern English detective stories, and the game has retained the mystical atmosphere of the book. A young lady Rachel is given a legendary diamond ‘moonstone’ on her 18th bithday, the stone that had been part of decoration of an Indian sacred statue 50 years ago, but in the morning the diamond is gone. Investigate the theft by searching for the evidence in the rooms of all culprits!

The game is very simple and does not require any special computer skills. It has lots of interesting puzzles and mini-games. Hints are unlimited, so is the time given to you for the investigation. The objects to be found are listed in the left column of the screen. Sometimes the objects are not easy to find as the picture might be a bit blurry, however, this might be counted an advantage of the game for those who like a bit of a challenge.

In the free online version you may search in 4 locations of one of the suspects – Rachel, the heiress of the moonstone. When it comes to the full version of the game, you will need to investigate the story properly, focusing on all suspects – everyone who had a chance to lay their hands on the precious diamond.

The game can be recommended for everyone who likes searching for the hidden objects and using their logical skills for solving mysteries!

If you like this game, you may download the full version of Mystery Masterpiece: The Moonstone.

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