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Mystic Diary: Lost Brother

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July 9, 2009
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Mystic Diary: Lost Brother
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System requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 600 Mhz or faster Processor
RAM: 128 MB
Hard Drive: 112 MB

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  • Help Gustav find his brother! You are not alone because you have the magical powers that Gustav has acquired over years!

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    Mystic Diary: Lost Brother review

    Old hidden object game style, gripping storyline, surprising twists and frenetic search of a brother is what Mystic Diary: Lost Brother is all about. Gustav has come searching for his lost brother and he gets the answer to all his queries in his brother’s house. You will be helping Gustav solve some very interesting puzzles while searching for clues to find out his brother. Gustav is a magician, so expect to see a lot of magical bubbles being burst by him!

    Gustav goes on a clue searching spree in his brother’s home and bumps on to a balloon that gives him some valuable information about his brother. The story is narrated as a first person account and throughout the quest you will hardly ever get much information about Gustav. There is also a diary that has the magician’s thoughts penned down, which can also be reviewed at will.

    Well, one is bound to find the game a tad slower but as you go on solving the puzzles and start to get deeper into the mystery, the game takes up pace. The game has been set in a beautiful environment where you are transported to the Victorian era by the sepia-images that you get to see. The diary scenes have caught the Victorian flavor quite nicely. I even felt as if I was watching a film of the 40′s, where the pictures were rendered a dreamy look by the often on and off flickers.

    You are either provided with a list of the items or the items are displayed to seek and find the hidden objects. There are special inventory items in every scene that gets added to the inventory list. These inventory items are later used individually or in a combination to complete a task. There is also a good use of themes for a particular scene and they are all very well related to the story. Now, games can never be flawless and Mystic Diary-Lost Brother is not an exception. There are certain items that do not have any connection with the story and I felt that there is no use of putting in futile labor into searching things that are of no use to the gameplay.

    The comparing of two pictures has been presented in a unique way where you are to spot the appearance or disappearance of an object through a special gadget. You are to spot the difference between the pictures and also you are asked to show the items that disappear or appear. It is a real challenge to find the hidden objects because the background is very well designed to hide the objects. There are ample hints available in the game, but one need to wait for refilling of the hints after it has been used once. There are a total of 12 stages and 30 scenes for the gamers to play. Apart from the usual puzzles there are some interesting ones to keep a gamer glued to their seat.

    Conclusion: The game cannot be placed in the category of “Gamer’s Treat” but it definitely is not one that you can put away in the trash. There are definitely the magical elements to keep you stuck to your seat! Reloading the game in trying to play it in the window mode is something that would irritate any gamer in the world. One will not require more than 2 hours finishing the game, so it can be considered a short game as far as the standard timing of most of the HOG games are concerned. There is enough mystery to keep you egging on playing more stages to know what exactly happens. As a hidden object gamer you can expect good graphics, a riveting story and scenes that prod every gamer to carry on. All in all it’s entertaining!

    If you like cartoons and searching for hidden objects, this game is for you! Assess your observation skills and sharpness of sight and find all numbers hidden in the pictures!

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