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Natalie Brooks: Secrets of Treasure House Online

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January 31, 2011
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Game Description

Solve the mysteries of the old mansion that Natalie inherits from her granny – and… become a professional detective!

In this detective game your task is to help Natalie Brooks. At each level you will have to deal with lots of puzzles which will require from you tolearn how to open safes, decypher ancient letters, get a lawyer to sign a petition you need… etc. Natalie’s mansion that she has has inherited from her grandmother, is at risk (the city cousil wants to demolish it so that to build a speedway), so you will need to act fast, sometimes even in the ways now approved by the laws.

The game is an amazing mixture of all possible genres: quest, hidden object games, various puzzles…Together with the heroine, you will get to different locations – the free online version of the game will take you to the mansion and the lawyer’s cabinet – and in each of them you will solve mysteries, search for hidden objects, in other words, conduct a real investigation.

So, as you can easily guess, saving Natalie’s house is just one of the plot lines of the game. To complete the whole quest you will need to play additional mini-games which will open the further path.

If you ever get stuck, you may use hints, but please keep in mind that their number is limited. Once you see a magnifying glass in Natalie’s hands (on the left bottom picture), you can complete additional search for hidden objects in three locations within limited time (8 minutes), which can earn you additional hints.

An exciting plot, animated heroes, nice music and charming atmosphere will surely get you involved into the game!

If you like this game you may download the full version of Natalie Brooks: Secrets of Treasure House.

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