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National Geographic presents: Herod’s Lost Tomb Online

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December 26, 2008
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Game Description

Try an interesting archeologist profession in this stunningly scenic hidden objects game. This online demo features just 3 locations to get the taste of the full version.

Herod’s Lost Tomb Online is online demo version of the full game, where you can try to be an archeologist to solve hidden object puzzles. While the full game is an OK game, this demo is a joke – it only features 3 locations – you’ll finish it in a few minutes. The graphics is downscaled, the objects are next to impossible to spot due to their small size and all similar gray colors. So this demo doesn’t really represent what the full game has to offer. If you’re interested, check out Herod’s Lost Tomb Full Version.

Limitations: This online demo game only features 3 locations (out of 20 chapters and 16 locations from the full version).

Explore the room in search for numbers indicated at the right panel of the playing field - find them all within the set time limit!

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