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Personal Shopper

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March 21, 2009
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Game Description

Marcy works as a personal shopper – her clients give her a list of items, and she shops for them. You have to help Marcy and find these items for her. Beautiful graphics, tiny items and very challenging objects search – recommended for genre fans only!

Instructions: There are 3 locations, with 3 levels each. You’re shown a list of items as their shapes at the bottom of the screen and have to find each of these items, clicking on them. You have 1 hint initially, but can increase it by finding a special bag. The shop closes in a few minutes and you have to find everything before that time. Random clicking penalizes you by decreasing your time by a few seconds.

The graphics and design are very nice, but the objects are a little bit too small and it’s incredibly hard to find some items. You have to keep your concentration to do everything under the time limit. Since the objects are always in the same position, just the list of items to search changes, your tasks is simplified if you play the same level several times, eventually you will memorize where each object is located.

Conclusions: If you’re hidden object games fan – this game might appeal to you. If you’re just a casual gamer, you will have very hard time finishing even the 1st level, and probably should look for an easier game – there are plenty at our site! If you’ve liked this game, try it’s sequel, Personal Shopper 2.

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