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PJ Pride Pet Detective: Destination Europe

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July 12, 2009
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PJ Pride Pet Detective: Destination Europe
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PJ Pride Pet Detective: Destination Europe game screenshotPJ Pride Pet Detective: Destination Europe game screenshotPJ Pride Pet Detective: Destination Europe game screenshotPJ Pride Pet Detective: Destination Europe game screenshot
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System requirements:

OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Memory: 512 MB
DirectX: 7
CPU: P3 1Ghz

  • Quality tested and virus free
  • No ads, no adware, no spyware
  • Help PJ find out and bring all the animals back to the circus! If you think you can do the job on PJ’s behalf then get on with it now!

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    99.85 MB
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    PJ Pride Pet Detective: Destination Europe review

    Europe, Polly Pride (our loving PJ), lost animals and a mystery sums up the game PJ Pride Pet Detective: Destination Europe. On arriving at Europe Polly Pride (PJ) finds that all the animals that were meant for the circus have fled it and are now roaming all over Europe. Her job as a detective is to get each and every animal back on the circus and she also has to solve the mystery of who carried out the escapade. Polly is not alone and she has her niece Ashley and her cat Meatball keeping company.

    PJ Pride Pet Detective: Destination Europe is a game that treads the path of old styled hidden object games and for a change, there are no mini games. There are a total of 4 scenes at each level and there are a total of 10 levels. You have clues that help you and Ashley find out exactly what’s happening around you. You will be meeting too many characters from the circus while investigating the case and you can even jump back to the previous scene in case you wish to review the story. After finishing each level you will be able to find out the clues and also the animal that was recovered. Collecting the clues help you in solving the mystery and they are generally in the form of some special items that you find in a scene. In every scene you are going to find out an animal and clicking on them helps you to catch them.

    There is a little problem with the clicks as they are not very accurate and every time you click on the wrong place you are going to get the message of “Careful Now!” for instance you can miss out on fast moving animals if you even miss by a few pixels. This I consider is not fair! The objects are pretty well hidden throughout the game and it is real difficult to find out the items that are on your list. Believe me even the pros who bank on the color clues are going to find it difficult because of the monochrome colors that are used. There are also chances of getting confused as more than one item may seem like the one you are finding from your list. You are going to get 8 hints at every level and even you don’t have clock keep ticking!

    Conclusion: The earlier version of this game, Polly Pride Pet Detective, had better graphics but the scenes were not very appealing. On the other hand this new version has better sketches and graphics. Though the graphics were good but somehow they failed to take me to the wonderful places of Europe. There is something missing! The music is good and has a classical touch through it changes every two minutes. There are no chances of replaying the game as the scenes are repeated and also the clues remain the same. This is a game for the people who prefer the purest form of hidden object games. This game is definitely interesting.

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