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Rescue at Rajini Island

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January 27, 2009
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Rescue at Rajini Island
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Rescue at Rajini Island game screenshotRescue at Rajini Island game screenshot
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System requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 600 Mhz or faster Processor
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive: 83 MB

  • Quality tested and virus free
  • No ads, no adware, no spyware
  • You need to rescue the explorers by deciphering the code in the hidden objects! So get your joystick ready and let the adventure begin! Its rescue time guys buck up!

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    74.40 MB
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    Rescue at Rajini Island review

    Rescue at Rajini Island – the game of a captain and his crew. They discover the Rajini Island and the captain sends his technically qualified team of explorers to learn more about the ancient ruins, but the crew loses its radio contact. Three months later, you are entrusted with the job of finding the explorers and you can do that through the hidden objects of the game that you need to find.

    The game is mostly highlighted on finding the hidden object in one of the three ways: the multiple same item types – often dairy or food pages, list of standard item to find. The story has very little connection with the items.

    Relaxed and Expert are the two mode of the game. Players have only 10 minute to solve each expertise mode. Nevertheless, no clocks will beep while in relaxed mode and it also gives five hints instead of three given in expert mode.

    Well the Rescue On Rajini Island’s most challenging area is the comparison of two scenes and several of the mini games. The puzzle tricks of the scene are compared by the player by adding an extra branch of tree, missing piece of wood and so on. As we all know that the mini games generally repeat them selves, making this one of the better parts about the game. The slider puzzle appears only once (thanks to the developers) and it can be really exasperating for any gamer. The good part is that you can easily skip it and go for any puzzles in a relaxed mode.

    The portion of object which is hidden – the bulk of game – doesn’t contain many items and also are, not much challenging. Well, the game gives the relevant option to the players to click on all the items and pick up at least the half on what’s on the list and the most innovative is that every few scenes contain a puzzle to figure out whether it’s to locate symbols or rotate symbols to unlock something.

    Over all the story of the game is a simple one, but sometime it strays from the main story line and the confusion begins over there. Not only this sometime the game even does not provide the players with full instructions. The first time a player is introduced to a scene, there are no instructions and one needs to just move the cursor around the scene until something pops up.

    The most irresistible part of the game is that it tells the story in hand-drawn images while the scenes the players work use photography. The mixture of two creativity makes the game ragbag.

    Conclusions: Over all the game is much clunky and the graphic quality is poor. Though a touch of creativity was tried in the form of hand painting and photographic style, but the creative instincts of the developers did not look very interesting to my eyes. The game can be given a single try, but that also may not be worth the money that you have to cough up. This mood dependant game may be hated in the summers but loved in the rainy season!

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