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Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch

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May 25, 2009
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Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch
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Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch game screenshotSamantha Swift and the Golden Touch game screenshotSamantha Swift and the Golden Touch game screenshotSamantha Swift and the Golden Touch game screenshotSamantha Swift and the Golden Touch game screenshotSamantha Swift and the Golden Touch game screenshot
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System requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 1.0 GHz or faster Processor
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive: 259 MB

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  • A great combination of puzzles, hidden objects and adventure! Want to have a great seek-n-search game then play Samantha fox and the golden touch. See whether you have got that ‘golden touch’!

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    Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch review

    Samantha Swift’s ill fate continues! She is once again on search of her missing father and quite unknowingly, she helps out a wicked villain in rediscovering a Midas touch. Soon Samantha realizes her mistake and goes on to destroy the secret of the Midas touch. She needs to wait for the time being to find her dad.

    The game is very adoring in patches because at times it becomes really frustrating. It reminds me of Lara Croft and Samantha seems like her kid sister. She is an archeologist, an adventurer and a tomb raider. She also has a unique fondness of collecting lost artifacts for museums. She has assistants who provide her with clues via PDA from the lab. They are charming people who are well interested in finding Samantha’s dad and in preserving antiques.

    In the concept of golden touch, it includes the sequences of hidden objects and puzzle solving games. Sometimes both of these are combined together to give you a unique gaming experience. Samantha searches various locations to find out the items present in her list of things to find. She uses a shovel for finding objects like a statute or uses a broom to remove the cobwebs. The idea in the game is fun, but the implementations are a bit fuzzy. You won’t get any visual clues for the hidden objects, all you have to do is to move your cursor throughout the scene until a gear appears and then you can manipulate things accordingly. Even when you land up at a hot spot, you won’t be able to find any clue about what to do next! There are frequent puzzles, which you need to solve and you have to keep clicking through the whole inventory until you have clicked on the right item.

    While finding hidden objects at different levels, one may find some portions of the game filled with oddities. They won’t please the experienced gamers rather they may look interesting for the newbies. If you are not able to find any particular item, the game will automatically search it for you! If you are able to find the lightning bolts, you can add many hints. Select the item on the list and an immediate silhouette appears on the screen. This will help you to identify the hidden objects.

    The color of the outline changes as you bring the cursor near the objects and finally turns red once you are on the top of the object. The scanner can be ignored and you can do your own legwork. It may be a golden touch, because it has few wonderful hand drawn styles, well combined with great music and sometimes you will feel it’s too lengthy. The golden touch will provide you with an edge for finding out the hidden objects, but it won’t help in the puzzle games. But if you are looking for any logic in the game, then you will surely be left dissatisfied. However, with “Samantha Swift and the Golden Touch” you will always be charmed while playing.

    Online demo: There is online version available. Play it to get the taste of the full version. It features the same scenes and gameplay, but has limited or missing functionality of some tools.

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