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She is a Shadow

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August 3, 2009
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She is a Shadow
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System requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 600 Mhz or faster Processor
RAM: 128 MB
Hard Drive: 103 MB

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  • No ads, no adware, no spyware
  • This game has its moments. It has an interesting premise and good mix of mini-games that will definitely keep you hooked.

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    She is a Shadow review

    She is a Shadow is another run of the mill hidden object game, which is full of the same mini-games that you have played over and over again. However, despite this folly, this game has a rather interesting premise where a retired thief comes out of retirement to get her kidnapped son back. Hanna – the master thief who is nicknamed “The Shadow” life goes into topsy turvy when she realises that her son Adam is kidnapped. This is because her past comes back to haunt her when notorious underworld character named Ignor kidnaps Adam and uses him as a collateral to lure her back into the world of crime. Hanna’s business partner and the father of Adam was Sam, who was killed under mysterious circumstances. It was after the murder of Sam, that Hanna decides to quit the world of crime and raise her son.

    You are Hanna, and to proceed in the game, you must perform “jobs” for Ignor, which includes breaking into a location, and looting a bank. The objects that are to be stolen is provided in a list and you have to go through a series to locate them. If you are stuck, you can click on the object’s name to view it. But by and large you are allowed to use hints as long as you have time at your disposal.

    You have two choices in which to operate. Firstly, the Normal Mode, in which there is no timer and you gain an extra hint per minute. Secondly, there is the Hard Mode, where the scenes are timed and the more you ask for help, the more time you lose. But it is here that you earn more achievements.

    Before the commencement of the game, you will be asked to play a mini-game that includes breaking into the room, picking up a combination lock, cracking an alarm code and neutralizing a circuitboard. However, none of the games are engaging or has any recall value. The players also have the option of skipping thses mini-games. With over 21 jobs and more than 50 scenes in toto, there is no fear of the game ending after the 1 hour trial. However, the game gets all the more monotonous because the same locations like kitchen, office, backyard and a car interior keep repeating themselves at a fairly regular pace.

    Conclusion: Overall, She is a Shadow is another monotonous hidden object game. It has its moments, but by and large it becomes too repititive that it becomes a test of patience. Another major dampner is its graphics, which is pathetic. The scenes are all poorly conceived and the characters don’t have the depth nor the range. The items keep appearing in and out and a fairly random pace so much so that it becomes irritating. This makes the items pretty blurry. Another rather bizarre thing is that there is no apparent logic as to what the character of Hanna has to steal. The weirdest thing that a mster thief like her has to steal is a garlic clove and a simple ruler. However, having said that She is a Shadow has a wonderful precise that hooks you into the game for the initial part. However, the mini-games and the pretty bland and monotonous structure ruins the game completely.

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