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Steve the Sheriff 2: The Case of the Missing Thing

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September 13, 2009
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Steve the Sheriff 2: The Case of the Missing Thing
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Steve the Sheriff 2: The Case of the Missing Thing game screenshotSteve the Sheriff 2: The Case of the Missing Thing game screenshot
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System requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: 1.0 GHz or faster Processor
RAM: 512 MB
Hard Drive: 211 MB

  • Quality tested and virus free
  • No ads, no adware, no spyware
  • You need to find out the clues that would lead you to the person who stole Mona Medusa! Steve the sheriff needs help and it is you who can crack the mystery!

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    Steve the Sheriff 2: The Case of the Missing Thing review

    Neptuneville is the new setting for the endearing mystery case that is cracked by Steve the Sheriff. This is an all new case that has Steve the Sheriff running after the notorious criminal who steals the Mona Medusa (a masterpiece artifact at the local Museum). Yes, the super detective is back with a bang and promises us to take on a darker, thrilling and enjoyable mystery solving spree. Steve the Sheriff 2: The Case of the Missing Thing is the sequel of the previous version where it again takes us to the darker alleys of crime and mystery. Well, we are again accompanied by the humorous dialogues and cartoons.

    Mona Medusa a masterpiece artifact is missing from the museum and the investigation of the theft has been taken over by the Steve the Sheriff. You have to help him to find the person who is behind the theft and for this you need to clear the puzzles and the hidden object levels. The only thing that this adventure thriller promises is that you are not going to enjoy a very quite ride as you have to always be ready to face new challenges at different corners.

    The game contains the usual classic hidden object gameplay scenes and you have to just search for the hidden objects on your list. As usual you are presented with cluttered scenes where you have to scour and find the object named on your list. The objects are very nicely concealed and you really do not get hold of the objects easily. Finding objects in classic hidden object gaming style is one of my favorite gameplay and there is an out of the world feeling that takes over you when I finish the list (this is the most obvious feelings for every gamer and I know there won’t be many who would disagree with me on this). There are special tasks that one needs to do while completing the list and this generally appears at the bottom of the list. This may even include cleaning the windows etc.

    There is help in the form of Steve’s though bubble that pops up to tell you about the things that you need and when you click on them, you are provided with complete description. There are also multiple tasks that you need to perform in order to find an object. There are also inventory items that are to be collected and used at a later stage. Hints depend on the number of extra cigars that you are able to locate and you can even use the magnifier top view the silhouette of an object in order to locate the same.

    Conclusion: I enjoyed this game to the hilt and I was really impressed by the developer’s ingenuity to put in extra flavors in the form of some new puzzles (even bubbles) to pep up the gaming experience! Definitely the graphics of the sequel maintained the level from the last one and even the voice over and dialogues are crisp. High production values and polished gameplay are some of the USPs of this game.

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