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Steve The Sheriff Online

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April 23, 2009
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Game Description

Help Steve the Sheriff solve the case of missing treasures by finding the clues around the underworld. Great online demo to get the taste of the full game.

Instructions: Find the objects you’re presented at the left side of the screen and click them to have them removed from the room. Some objects are put into your closet – they can be used for something else later – such as using flashlight to look in the dark places. Collect cigars and use them as hints to see the objects. If you move your mouse over the item in the items list – you’ll see the silhouette of this item at the bottom left corner.

The music is good, the objects are clear enough, there are some mini games you will encounter while playing Steve the Sheriff. All in all, quite decent online hidden object game.

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Find the objects hidden in the room. Relaxing non-pressing game with no time limit and unlimited hints. Just take your time to find all the objects.

-62 rating, 202 votes-62 rating, 202 votes Rating: -62

Marcy works as a personal shopper - her clients give her a list of items, and she shops for them. You have to help Marcy and find these items for her. Beautiful graphics, tiny items and very challenging objects search - recommended for genre fans only!

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Help Aladdin find Jasmine who's been kidnapped and hidden in a huge 30-floor palace!

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Uncover a haunting family mystery on your journey in the South American jungles, where Incans lived a long time ago. Nice graphics, easy gameplay and accurate click handling makes it perfect for novice players in the hidden objects genre!

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While the shadowy figure is stalking the streets of Whitewall, young women keep disappearing without trace. Can you uncover the mystery of the Night Stalker?

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As the Queen's most trusted advisor, explore the legendary land of Alexandria as you find objects, piece together evidence, and hunt for the murderer of a Roman soldier, who had broken into Cleopatra's palace.

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