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The Contraptor

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May 7, 2009
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Game Description

Combine different items to perform various tasks you have at hand. First, search for the items in a messy environment, then see you executing funny things with them.

Instructions: At the right side there is a list of items to find in each loaction. You have to find them in the room within a very short time ticking down. Every incorrect clicks subtracts from the timer, so do only the right clicks! There is also a hint available at the top-right corner. Click it to highlight the items you’re searching for.

The game is very challenging, particulary because the items while clear, do not always look like what the text description suggests. However, since there is a hint available at each level, and the items do not change place when you replay the levels, you can easily just remember where each item is.

Check out your observation skills and sharpness of sight and find the hidden alphabet in the photos of jungle!

0 rating, 2 votes0 rating, 2 votes Rating: 0

Marcy is hired by her previous client's boss to do the shopping for a large company in the other countries. Travel to China, Holland and South Africa to search for items in beautiful locations. The objects are tiny, the game is hard, but the presentation is great.

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Are you a good at archery? Shoot the targets, score as many points as possible and win in this game!

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When you return home from a royal party, you suddenly discover that your estate has been robbed, and the magic doves whose combined power can bring lots of disastrous events, have been stolen! Can you save your kingdom?

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With the help of the Fairy Queen, it's up to you to solve the Mystery of the Earl in this fun and exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game!

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Help Anna find the Lost Temple so that she is able to save her grandfather from a horrible curse of an unknown illness in this amazing hidden object game full of adventures!

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